As an avid reader of books related to personal growth and spirituality, I came across PSYCH-K in Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief” and after a short Google-search and a few emails enrolled into the Basic Facilitation Course. Since then I have used PSYCH-K extensively to identify and transform my own limiting beliefs.

I recently had the privilege to attend the first ever Master Facilitation course held in Cape Town by PSYCH-K Instructor Karen McKy who flew in all the way from Denver, Colorado.

You may wonder what PSYCH-K stands for. According to the originator, Rob Williams, the PSYCH is an abbreviation for Psyche – mind, soul or spirit; and the K – Key to sustainable change. It is not to be confused with Talk Therapy or Counseling. The power of change and healing firmly lies within each client. The facilitator is merely the guide throughout the process.

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that your reality is created by your beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are often the result of lifelong ‘programming’, and represent a powerful influence on human behaviour. Studies in neuroscience indicate that as much as 95% of our consciousness is actual subconscious. It’s the subconscious mind that is the storehouse of our attitudes, values and beliefs.

It is from our beliefs that we form perceptions about the world and ourselves, and from these perceptions we develop behaviours. Usually it is self-defeating behaviours we wish to change.

Often the most effective way to change behaviour is to change the subconscious belief(s) that support it. Based on years of split-brain research, also known as Brain Dominance Theory, PSYCH-K provides a variety of ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that ‘limit’ you into beliefs that ‘support’ you, in any area of your life. Many people harbor self-limiting subconscious beliefs in areas of self-esteem, health and body issues, financial abundance, relationships, or career.

A PSYCH-K Balance is a process designed to create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This ‘whole-brain state’ is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new self-enhancing beliefs, reducing unwanted stress and helping you to access your ‘full response potential’ in meeting life’s challenges.